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Lighting has the power to make you more effective

You know how you feel on a sunny day? When everything is merrier and brighter and you are full of energy? Light has the power to do that.

Lighting has the power to make you more effective

When that big lightbulb in the sky burns brightly in the morning, you feel fresh and energized, ready to take on the world. With the approach of night, however, when the shadows grow longer, your body and mind begin to unwind and long for rest and relaxation. On dull, rainy days, you may notice an ebb in your motivation, even a trace of depression.

You can apply this knowledge when designing lighting in indoor spaces to create work environments that energize the workers to perform at higher levels. For most indoor environments, lighting level and color temperature have the most influence. Powerful, bright and cool lighting will make you feel focused and alert. Dimmer, warmer lighting makes you feel relaxed and more eager to socialize and share emotions. Today’s lighting technologies allow you to choose and change between different ambience and lighting scenarios using the same luminaires.