Healthy Indoors


Here comes the sun! Create a healthy indoor environment with quality lighting.

Let’s face it. We’re all dinosaurs. Or at least Neanderthals… We still have the same physical and biological needs that we had millions of years ago. Being able to breathe fresh air and absorb daylight are still essential to our wellbeing.

Here comes the sun! Create a healthy indoor environment with quality lighting.

When creating a healthy indoor climate, well designed lighting is crucial to your sense of wellbeing and productivity. In these modern times, we spend as many of our waking hours at work as we do at home, so the importance of having good lighting in those indoor spaces is critical.

Here is why

From the very beginning of humanity, we have thrived in the warmth and light of the sun. It has been our primary source of light and has made a lasting impression on our being, biologically and psychologically. Variations in the intensity and color of light affect us, too, making us more alert or more relaxed. 

The relationship between humans and light has been the subject of much research, and today our knowledge about how to use artificial light as a complement to natural light is more extensive than ever. Still, for each of us, light is very much an emotional thing. Our needs and experience with indoor lighting are very individual and vary from person to person.  

With today’s lighting technology, everyone, including you, can enjoy healthy and inspiring lighting without having to deal with the hassle of complicated technology or elaborate and costly installation. It is actually quite simple to achieve, if only you have the knowledge. We’ll show you how to design sustainable lighting solutions that will make your working day brighter, happier and more productive. We’d love to share our insight with you!