Healthy Indoors


Friday 09. February 2024

Campaign launch: Healthy Indoors advocates for improved air and light in Swedish schools

Healthy Indoors, a collaboration between market leaders Camfil, Condair Group, Fagerhult, and Swegon, launched its latest initiative this week, the awareness campaign: “Teachers deserve better air and light.” The campaign aims to emphasize the importance of good air quality and lighting conditions in schools.

Good air quality and proper lighting should be obvious in every learning environment. Unfortunately, that is not the case today.

Healthy Indoors was founded approximately two years ago with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of healthy and sustainable indoor environments, with a particular focus on air and light quality. The campaign, initially launched in Sweden and conducted in Swedish, might be rolled out internationally since the significance of a good indoor climate, good air quality and light, is just as essential and largely applicable in schools across borders.

“Unfortunately, too many Swedish schools have poor indoor environments, leading to higher absenteeism, poorer performance, and working conditions. It is unacceptable that half of the teachers perceive the indoor climate as poor or very poor, according to a new survey by Swedish Teachers,” says Malin Höij from Healthy Indoors.

The campaign’s message will be spread across various social media platforms and a campaign page offering comprehensive insights into the importance of air and light in school environments.

For more information and to participate in the campaign, please visit www.healthyindoors.eu.

Media contact:

Malin Höij, Healthy Indoors
+46 705 43 82 33