Healthy Indoors


Monday 02. May 2022

United to create healthier, more productive indoor environments

Today, we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, at work, play and home. For this reason, it’s high time we take a serious look at our indoor environments, in order to understand their effects on our wellbeing and productivity, and to make beneficiary changes where necessary.

While it’s true that some standards and regulations exist to guide property owners, specifiers, builders and employers, it is also true that such measures often fall short, not providing the solid basis necessary to create the healthy, productive indoor spaces we need.

For this reason, the four companies Camfil, Condair, Fagerhult and Swegon decided it was time to act. Together, we have teamed up to establish Healthy Indoors Alliance, a joint initiative to improve the healthfulness, productivity and comfort of the people in commercial, public and residential buildings. ‘We find that despite vast scientific evidence, both businesses and consumers know very little about the tremendous impact the indoor climate has on our health and productivity’, says Silvia Petroni, Head of Strategic Marketing, Condair Group.

The initiative currently features contributors from businesses within ventilation, indoor climate control, lighting, humidification, and filtration. We address the public, developers, trades, professionals, industry, science, and government institutions with the aim to educate, inform and raise awareness. 

The Healthy Indoors website features comprehensive information vital to understanding how we can create sustainable, healthy indoor environments. It clears up questions and misunderstandings and provides guidance for practical actions. The benefits are huge, including reduced illness, sick leave, and fatigue, as well as generating greater comfort and overall wellbeing.

‘Seeing people increasingly struggle with allergies and other health concerns attributable to their indoor environments, we thought it was time to explain and show how easy it is to remedy the situations,’ says Mikael Börjesson, Competence Director, Swegon Group.

The Healthy Indoors Alliance wants to drive change and make it easy for everyone to take action to improve the indoor spaces in which we spend so much of our time.

For more information, please contact:

Malin Höij
+46 705 43 82 33